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We have re-imagined private credit and we have got your back

Trinidad empowers investors and borrowers to streamline their private credit experience.  Our pass-through decentralized model offers investors full control over the assets they choose and optimal transparency.  There is no reporting level playing field, no commitment fees.  Additionally, we offer investors transaction management solutions customized to their needs and help borrowers to find the most suitable capital partner and to stay on top of their lenders requirements.  The result is an asset class better fitted to investors profiles and needs and enhanced return in full transparency without undesired surprises


With a growing list of borrowers on-boarded on our platform, we offer lenders a range of pre-diligenced and scored opportunities with different risk profiles, tenor and yields.  Borrowers, on the other hand, access a diversified range of capital providers to meet their specific needs.  We believe the best opportunities have to be induced thus we are constantly seeding and searching for the new niches. 


We offer optional loan servicing and portfolio management to lenders who don't have the capability to manage the process in-house, lack the product or market expertise or simply prefer to outsource the process to Trinidad.


We have a particular expertise in capital raising and M&A in frontier markets.  We also advise financial institutions in emerging markets on the development of structured finance programs and foreign lenders on portfolio and investment strategy development.

Due Diligence and Scoring 

We empower lenders by providing the information they need for a proper underwriting.  Some simply based their credit decision on our credit report and scoring. Our proprietary scoring model combines old school credit analysis and years of private credit experience with cutting edge data sourcing and processing technology.  

Collateral Management

As an add-on to our loan servicing module or on a stand-alone basis, we provide collateral price and process monitoring and documents handling.  This service is particularly relevant to lenders secured by inventory.  

Loan marketing

Our loan marketing team focuses on remarketing performing and impaired private debt positions for lenders looking for liquidity.

Blue Paper Boat Leading A Fleet Of Small White Boats With Compass Icon On Wooden Table - L
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